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Ligue 1 2013/2014: la date de la reprise dévoilée

Lors de la cérémonie de signature de contrat entre la fédération guinéenne de football et son nouveau sponsor, il a avait été annoncé une reprise imminente de la saison 2013/2014.

La féguifoot a ainsi communiqué samedi la date du démarrage de la saison prochaine. Le dimanche 15 décembre aura lieu la super coupe  et le championnat lui reprendra le jeudi 19 décembre 2013.

Le calendrier de la première journée :

CIK-Ashanty GB

AS Batè Nafadji- Santoba FC

Fello Star-Satellite FC

FC Séquence-Horoya AC

AS Kaloum-Soumba FC

Atletico de Coleah-Espoir de Labé

Thierno Amadou MAKADJI



  1. Diana

    19 mai 2015 at 14 h 14 min

    Day 6 is my favorite oufitt. The combination of the Uniqlo shirt and those Junya Watanabe Levis make a great pairing. I’ve haven’t seen socks by Comme Des Garcons before. I know them for manufacturing great outerwear. For this season they a stunning toggle coat, I’ve seen it in Navy.

  2. Virginia

    14 mai 2015 at 1 h 06 min

    You just don’t get it . only the right players will be bourght in for long term. Sissoko was talking to us then jumped to Newcastle because they panicked and offered more wages, reportedly a350k a week. There were a couple of others but the agents also demanded ridiculous wages. We don’t need that sort of player at the club, over the next few years football is going to change big time and wages are going to become realistic and sustainable to the vast majority of clubs. Newcastle will do what we did under MON and hit a wall because they are clogged up with high earners on long contracts who don’t play and the squad won’t develop. We will develop younger talented players and if they move on, which is a fact of life in football, then we will make healthy profits. All this will hopefully help sustain our club and keep us healthily challenging up the top end of the table and in the cups. It’s a big risk YES, but not as big as the one we took before and the others seem to be taking now. UTV

  3. Khairaba diaby

    4 janvier 2014 at 10 h 18 min

    Le c i kamsar est venir avec force nille ne pourat les arete soife la grace de Dieu. on ira jusqu’au bout insaalahou.me6

  4. Khairaba diaby

    4 janvier 2014 at 10 h 00 min

    Le club indistruel de kamsar est venir avec force nille ne pouras les arete soife la grace de Dieu. merci a Mathirén

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